Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just another MK-post

I just love her way of dressing up (or rather down ;-).
Here's the red Prada pouch again, but if you scan the image you will see that the true eyecatcher are the Nicholas Kirkwood heels. I saw them at Harrods Shoe Boudoir and they look great! If I was shooting an editorial right now, I would definitely want them in it.

You can still get them online at luisaviaroma for a decent 1.100 € (!). So what can we learn from that? If MK Olsen is promoting a special designer item, they can charge for it whatever they feel like - it's definitely going to be a best seller!!!


  1. Mary-Kate is really amazing, i just love her :)

  2. Those shoes are beautiful! and MK always= love