Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kate's Christmas crap

I was really looking forward to Kate's Christmas Collection because I loved the campaign pictures. Having bought one of the dresses from her summer collection, which she designed in cooperation with the Liberty Art Fabrics team, I was convinced that she's actually making it as a celebrity designer. But what I've seen today completely changed my mind. The garments look cheap and the cuts are not really flattering. So none of her Christmas pieces will make it under my tree!

Picture: topshop

Friday, October 30, 2009

Why do I end up...

...buying the same thing over and over again?!?! So far, I've bought 4 cashmere pieces for the winter although I've got tons of great cashmere sweaters in my closet. I actually do need a new pair of jeans, but I never find what I'm looking for. You must know this problem... and then, when least expected, you discover the greatest pieces. So this is why I bought another gorgeous, super-comfy cashmere sweater today at GAP. I just couldn't resist!

Pictures: moi

H&M does Balenciaga...

or at least they tried to copy the draped skirts from Balenciaga's A/W 09/10 collection. The material kept me from buying the skirts, nice try though ;-)

Balenciaga A/W 09/10

The black version

The skirt also comes in a blueish grey

Pictures: fashionistadiary, moi

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girl Crush

It was actually my boyfriend who made me watch the casting show X Factor for the first time. I continued watching not because of the fabulous candidates, but because of one fashionable judge: Cheryl Cole. She surprises me every Saturday with a new divine outfit and a new hairstyle. The former "Girls Aloud" member seems to have made it as a solo artist: The first single of her new album "Fight for this love" just reached number 1 in the UK. I must admit, that I don't really like this song, but I love the album's cover. It was photographed by the well-known fashion photographer Nick Knight and looks really stunning. By the way, Cheryl was on the cover of Vogue UK's February issue, which means: confirmed fashion royalty!!!

The famous cover by Nick Knight

Vogue 02/09

Vogue shoot 02/09

From Runway to Cheryl: The Louis Vuitton Skirt

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Olsens do it best...

...when it comes to fashion! They just signed a deal with J.C. Penney Co. Inc. to launch their new junior brand "Olsenboye". Having two higher-priced fashion lines (The Row and Elizabeth and James), they've now decided to design an affordable line for teens. So far, it's not that exciting, but when it comes to the marketing strategy for this new brand I feel really enthusiastic:
An Olsenboye truck is cruising around New York right now "selling merchandise and giving out cupcakes, balloons and pins, and empty racks in 50 high-profile stores will be covered in Olsenboye shrouds." (WWD) Previews, limited offerings and digital, guerilla and viral marketing methods will be used to rise curiosity. There will be direct-mail pieces, an interactive digital campaign and facebook and twitter will be used for marketing as well.
Apart from the marketing strategy, I think that the clothes are nothing special. But then, I'm not a teenager and therefore not in the target group!
Olsenboye will be available on from 6.November.09.

First looks:

Pictures: wwd

New Trend: Trash Shopping!

Haha, this is what I call "garbage vintage": Singer Ke$ha goes trash shopping in Munich and discovers a great cashmere top ;-) You might know her voice from Flo Rida's hit "Right round" (normally not my type of music, but you couldn't avoid listening to it since it was all over the radio). Enjoy and please feel inspired ;-)

Video: youtube

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So cute!!!

Stella McCartney decided to design childrenswear! Yes, you heard right! Stella is designing a collection for GapKids and babyGap, which will hit stores in November. It's no surprise for those who knew that Stella has three kids under the age of four (I actually didn't know that). So hats off to Stella - and thank you for making designer clothes for children affordable!

Pictures: nitrolicious

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For once I'm not in love...

What do Uma Thurman, Leighton Meester and Kate Bosworth have in common? First, they are actresses. Second, they have all been spotted with the Nina Ricci Agneau Pleated Besace Bag. The black version from Uma and Kate retails for 1.398 € at Theresa. "They can't be serious", was my first thought! This frumpy bag looks like it came straight from the flee market or from an unfashionable granny's closet. Argh!

Uma has the black version...

Kate went for black as well

Leighton Meester wears a creamy version

Pictures: bagsnob, justjared

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More dash than cash!

The November issue of British Vogue truely nails down the economic crisis and its effect on our spending power. It's the most inspiring issue I have read in months, because you can really benefit from the content: There are great DIY ideas (from well-known designers), lots of cheap buys, saving tricks (The Dash Cash directory), icons of the new look (Dash Cash Heroines) and the lovely pictures of Georgia Jagger! This issue doesn't make you want to splurge on new designer items! It rather inspires you to work creatively on your own style with a small budget!
Honestly, get it (while it's hot)!!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Outfit of the day

Today, I'm wearing my new H&M Trend skirt. It's pretty cold outside, so I paired it with black opaque tights.

Blouse: See by Chloé, Skirt: H&M Trend, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Watch: Ferragamo

Picture: moi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick upgrade

A colourful it-piece is the best way to update your outfit in a rush! Go for scarves, shawls, bags, shoes or headbands! Every jeans-white-shirt-black-jacket-combination will be thankful if you add a hint of colour - especially in the sad autumn and winter times.
This is why I'm so in love with my purple Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf! It updates every simple, mousy outfit! The trick is never to add another bright colour to the mix!
Today I came across this picture of Rachel Bilson and she's really rockin' that scarf by following the rules!!!
Picture: justjared

Monday, October 12, 2009

Marie reloaded

When I watched the Chanel SS 2010-Show online I was surprised how much it reminded me of one of my favourite movies: Marie Antoinette. Karl only shortened the dresses and added a hint of country style with the clogs. I love the pastel colours. My faourite is the light blue dress - so romantic! Just perfect for Versailles ;-)

True Classics Part 2 we go:
Chanel's 2.55

Blue skinny jeans (Current Elliott)

Ugg(ly) boots (they're so comfortable and therefore classic)

Friday, October 9, 2009

True Classics Part 1

These are the things you will wear and treasure forever! They'll never be out of style! They're investment pieces! This is why I decided to dedicate a whole series to the "True Classics". For men it's watches and cars, for women it's handbags, pumps, jewellery, the LBD, scarves, gloves... so let's get started with the first three pieces:

The Burberry Trenchcoat

The Hermès Birkin Bag
(this black version with gold details is my personal favourite
...and Ashley is rockin' that bag)

The Louboutin heels

What are your true classics? Please help me to continue this series...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Someone went shopping...

I bet that Lanvin shopping bag contains the next it-bag ;-)

Picture: justjared

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Style crush

Miroslava Duma is fashion's new it-girl! Apparently she's working for the Russian Harper's Bazaar as a Social Events Editor. But from her enormous collection of Birkins and Kellys I guess her work is not her only source for money...
Anyway, great girl, great style!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The new fashion darling?

By now I guess every girl has heard about the Twilight Book Series by Stephenie Meyer. I'm sure most of you have already seen the movie of the first book "Twilight" and are impatiently waiting for the second one ("New Moon" will hit the cinemas on 20.11.09). The female star of the movie is 19-year-old actress Kristen Stewart who plays Bella swan, the girl who falls madly in love with a vampire.
From the series of pictures that you can see on interviewmagazine I guess that the designers will start knocking on Kristen's door soon... She would'nt be the first "successful-book-series-turned-into-movies-actress" to pose for an advertising campaign: Emma Watson, who is playing Hermine Granger in the Harry Potter Series, is currently the star of Burberry's fall/winter campaign! Watch out for the next season, Emma!