Friday, December 30, 2011

Leopard print meets fur!

When it comes to fur, and I mean the real thing that the Olsens and Wintours of this world are wearing, I only do vintage. Kind of salves my conscience - at least a little bit. Fur jackets are just so chic and warm. So naturally I'm in love with my mum's vintage fur jacket - it's just the right color, length and size. But don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of faux fur as well. How about you? Faux or real or both?
Vintage fur coat
American Apparel tee
Current Elliott jeans
Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Céline bag
Hermès and Cartier bracelets
Cartier ring


  1. in love with the pants and booties I love both but fur coat in vintage is of course a must have

  2. like you, i have a vintage fur coat of my grandmas. i also have faux as well. i would never buy a new fur coat, although i do feel like a hypocrite wearing vintage. i don't wear my real one very often because i fear someone will throw paint on me, but it's just too beautiful to throw away x

  3. GEMBEAR, I completely agree with you, I only wear my fur jacket on rare occassions and I'm also afraid of someone throwing paint at me... ;)

  4. That fur coat is so cute!It can totally make an outfit although I just have a fur vest which I rarely wear because then my arms are cold, haha :)

  5. great outfit love the combination!

  6. i keep it real, was fell angeht. wer leder trägt und fleisch ist der kann auch das.. wobei es natürlich nicht ohne bedenken und maß geschehen sollte. fell trag ich auch nur vintage. ist auch oft nicht so teuer, vor allem die marken hauen harte preise raus bei fellsachen.

    x M

  7. i grew up close to a fur farm, and i cannot imagine anyone who hears and sees the poor animals wanting to wear the fur after. the sheer cruelty of the whole business of the fur trade has stopped me from wearng real fur. i like the look and the feel of real fur, but not used as a fashion statement! i cannot and will not condone it, vintage makes no difference, fur means cruelty, sorry. btw your blog is great and i love most of your outfits.

  8. absolutely love your bracelet
    kisses from prague
    have a wonderful year 2012!!

  9. Wow I love your Celine! Its so beautiful! :) And your fur coat is to die for!
    Emma x

  10. Amazing pictures ! I love your jeans !
    Kiss and Happy New Year ! x

  11. I adore fur coats too:)but I prefer real. yours is lovely!;)

  12. the fur coat is amazing!

    xx, Sabinna and David