Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's been a while...

There were basically two reasons for my absence from the blogosphere: Work and travel. Two good ones, right?! So I was busy working on an exciting project for HUGO BOSS. They are hosting a fashion show in Beijing, which will be streamed live in 3D on May 18th and we have created a whole 3D special around the show. Check it out on and let me know what you think. If you like the concept, please vote for us at the FWA awards here.
I am so excited to go to Beijing in May. As you know I love traveling in general and the past one and a half months have been filled with some amazing journeys. Can you guess one of the destinations I travelled to? ;) By the way, I am wearing my new Céline Audrey sunnies, a souvenir from Paris, in the photo. Do you like them? More posts from my trips are coming up soon, promise.


  1. Hey Süße schön dass du wieder 'da'bist :) Ich glaube dein Job könnte mir auch gefallen was ist eigentlich genau deine Position bzw. Bezeichnung und was hast du studiert?

    Liebe Grüße und viel Erfolfg und Glücl in Beijing (wie geil!) :)