Sunday, May 13, 2012

Leaving for Beijing

Tonight I'm heading to Beijing for HUGO BOSS. It's my first time in China and I'm really excited. Planning to do lots of sightseeing after the fashion show on Friday - the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and so on. So if you have any tips for Beijing, please tell me :)
Talk to you from Beijing XX


  1. Oh awesome! I've never been to China, but I expect it will be amazing! Have fun. :)

  2. Enjoy !! It is a fabulous place, I had a lot of wonderful remembers !! :)

  3. Lovely Blog! Keep up the good work!! ;)

    Do you want to drive the AUDI A3 with me?? I think it is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Have a nice Day! xx

  4. I do not know whether it is a tee or dress you are wearing, but I love it!