The aged and youth of our state make-up just about one-half (43%) of the populace. Regrettably, both groups go through inner thoughts of loneliness and isolation in bigger percentages than anytime during the very last a hundred decades!

In 2007, ted mcgrath aged Americans (65+) lived by yourself and 35 million suffered from melancholy. Main reasons for depression incorporate loneliness and isolation because of

* escalating busyness of your youthful, doing the job generations, and

* long-distance separation of household associates.

When beforehand adoring grandchildren enter pre-teens, grandparents can experience much more lonely and isolated.

However, these similar youngsters also suffer loneliness and isolation, generally to the exact same explanations

* busyness in their parents, and

* long-distance separation of household members, together with grandparents, great aunts and uncles and cousins.

Suicide fees amid our youth are at holocaust degrees.

In fact, isolation and loneliness are epidemic amongst both equally the aged and youthful. The dilemma is: what can be achieved relating to this? The answer is: textual content messaging. And, a true plus to this respond to is the fact the two teams that require one of the most aid from loneliness and isolation, the aged and youth can properly and lovingly supply this relief for every other by way of text messaging.

Texting is undoubtedly an untapped resource with proven prospective for alleviating loneliness and isolation, reinforcing family members ties, and growing emotional well being for aged and younger alike.

You’ll find 65 million youth aged 10-24 in our state who really like texting! But, the majority of the older generation haven’t texted and therefore are totally unaware of the fantastic possibility.

The aged normally complain about grandchildren not holding in touch and about kids’ obsession with pcs, hand-held games, and world-wide-web surfing. Ironically, considered one of the kids’ preferred systems, textual content messaging, could assistance stop isolation and loneliness for both equally aged and younger.

While in the U.S. virtually 241 billion text messages ended up sent in 2007, a boost of 150% from 2006. Teens are a large share of such texters-it’s their turf. Eighty % of your cell cellular phone users aged thirteen to 24 deliver text messages. Only 18% from the 40-49 age group do. Along with the 50+ team? Texting was so very low that no percentages had been located.

Textual content messaging is easy to know, nevertheless the share of individuals around fifty that textual content is negligible. Not among my close friends has at any time despatched a textual content message! Admittedly, the exponential rise in new systems can be too much to handle. Yet, lots of during the more mature generations have mastered standard computer skills, assisting them store, remain more in contact along with the entire world, and in many cases bank on-line. But it is so impersonal.